Board of Directors

The current WCCTC Board members are:


Each member agency appoints its own representative(s) to the WCCTC Board. The city of Richmond appoints three representatives. The Richmond alternate serves as alternate for all three Richmond representatives. The WCCTC Board has been meeting virtually since 2020 on the fourth Friday of the month; although there are a couple of exceptions. There is no meeting in August, and in December the Board meets on the second Friday. The Board may also schedule special meetings that are in addition to the regularly scheduled board meetings.

The calendar for the Board's upcoming meetings, as well as posted agenda packets and instructions for attending virtual meetings, can be found here

WCCTC members also serve on the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA). CCTA is the countywide governing body for Measures C and J as well as state, regional, and federal transportation revenues that are allocated to Contra Costa County. CCTA also serves as the county’s Congestion Management Agency (CMA).

* CCTA Representative (2023-25 term)

** CCTA Representative (2022-24 term)

*** CCTA Alternate

WCCTC Board of Directors Guiding Documents: