About Us

WCCTC is one of four Regional Transportation Planning Committees in Contra Costa County. The Regional Transportation Planning Committees were created to manage the 1988 Measure C 1/2 cent transportation sales tax projects and programs, and its Extension, Measure J, approved by Contra Costa voters in 2004. In addition to managing revenues from Measures C and J, WCCTAC also administers the sub-regional transportation mitigation fee program (STMP), and participates in defining and implementing policies, programs and projects to improve local and regional transportation and air quality.

WCCTC is governed by a Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement between the following member agencies: the cities of El Cerrito, Hercules, Pinole, Richmond, San Pablo; Contra Costa County; and the transit providers, AC Transit, BART, and WestCAT.

Budget, Work Program and Dues

WCCTC operates on a July 1 to June 30 fiscal year. Revenues are derived from dues paid by member agencies as well as from numerous reimbursable grants. In addition, the Sub-regional Transportation Mitigation Program (STMP) is managed directly by WCCTC, and collects impact fees from development projects built in the West County Region.